Our Style

Credibility and Trust

AbleCharting is a professional stock picking financial research (technical) organization that has seen many boom and bust markets in the last thirty years. We and our affiliates are seasoned professional stock pickers and money managers, used to being long or short, that see the investing world through niche eyes, and who aren’t beholden to a specific investment style or list of stocks that a sell-side investment firm might be. We have supreme confidence in our abilities to deliver amazing and explosive returns with the ideas that we represent.

Investment Style and Methodology

At AbleCharting our style can be best described as Momentum at a Reasonable Price (MARP) or inflection point investing. We screen, data mine and visually identify specific stock chart patterns that are repeatable over and over again, and typically very profitable. The patterns that these stocks develop need to be interpreted to incorporate limited downside risk in relation to the overall chart pattern in different time frames. We like to see where the chart is, where it has been, what the upside potential is, and more. We focus on volume, support, resistance, and relative strength. Our investable universe is several thousand stocks and as the stock market and its industry groups within it are cyclical, we believe we are never at a shortage of ideas to bring you the subscriber.

We believe that we should not be married to stocks for the long-term unless the perform. We advocate high frequency, high velocity trading. The market is the ultimate determiner if something should be held longer-term or not. We would be happy to do so, but we relish and smile at the the thought that with every idea that does not work out, there are hundreds and thousands of others waiting in the wings.

Thoughts on Position Sizing

As investment experts discuss time and time again, there are significant benefits to proper position sizing, i.e. one stock should not represent an entire portfolio. All of the ideas we represent assume that they are going to be small portions of an overall portfolio, designed to minimize company specific risk if one should go against us, but should they be successful, add substantially to incremental overall portfolio gains. 

Disclaimer: AbleCharting’s ideas are not to be considered individual investment advice and we are not Registered Investment Advisors.